Classic Arcades

Games are competitive and the manner of playing makes for an excellent spectator sport.

Full-body arcade games are “Jumpzilla“, a Breakout™ clone, and “Tetroactive“, a Tetris™ clone. Both are played hands-free and encourage lots of movement and jumping. Despite the casual appearance, those are serious games that a skilled person can play for hours! Players compete for the top spots in the hall of fame as you can see in the second part of the video.

For more footage of guest engagement recorded from a distance please see this video.

Guests start each game by following the on-screen instructions to step on the “X” marked on the floor with gaffer tape (optional) and then raising hand to begin.


Discotron is a new way for people in your venue to interact: they dance in the computer with each other and send each other emojis. Everything happens on Discotron screen using body gestures — no phone required! The crowd can turn it into a dance competition or use the interaction as they see fit.

In Discotron users dance to create dance programs in the virtual world. Programs dance with each other and the system calculates compatibility between any two programs whose users choose to run them together. Each chosen program receives +1 energy unit which keeps it alive longer in the Discotron universe. Users can also tell their programs to give each other emojis! The Discotron station can play music mixes on its own or react to the beat of the music that is played in the venue live. In between plays, newest and most chosen programs are shown in an a way that cannot escape attention!

Kinetic (Merriam Webster)
1 : of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith

Tronic (Urban Dictionary)

“Augmented Reality is taking what is real and surrounding it with what is imaginary.

Vizikord places your real live image inside the computer generated world, where you do things with your whole body — solve puzzles, dance and make kaleidoscopic images to the beat and even make music. This allows you to use the screen, which normally takes the mind away from the body, to bring the experience back into the body — but now augmented with creative super powers!”


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