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Touch-free VR gaming that draws a crowd


Touch-free VR


that draws a crowd

Kinetronix is a small device mounted behind the TV (or a big glossy one under) with a 3D camera that turns 10'x10' of floor space into a hands-free virtual arena.

Like regular VR, it puts real people inside virtual worlds where they move and interact using high precision controls.

Unlike regular VR which shares gear, limits movement, and isolates players...

... Kinetronix is completely touchless, it connects players with the audience, and lets them move unencumbered by gear, free.

"Extremely popular"
– Adventure Science Center, Nashville

"10 out of 10. Adults love it!"
– MOXI Technology Museum, Santa Barbara


Like real-life TRONTM, Kinetronix is the first and only game station that really puts you in the game.

Alone or with an opponent, walk over to the spot on the floor to be scanned and teleported into the game instantly.

Kinetronix uses technology we call inverse augmented reality to put the real you into a virtual world. When inside the game, you jab and lean and jump to turn and speed and fly as you race and duel each other. Not only are you the controller – you are controlling you. Transforming the real you into live code opens up infinite possibilities. You, not a videogame character or an actor, become imbued with powers you invoke through your actual body. Despite only touching air, you maneuver with laser precision to beat increasingly difficult challenges – and your opponent. Hard games, lots of jumping and seeing players on the screen attracts a crowd and the entire space becomes the arena.


Our value proposition:

For venue managers who are seeking to attract guests and keep them actively engaged with on-premises entertainment, but are struggling with competing for guests' attention (and providing interactivity that is covid-safe), Kinetronix is a touchless VR game station for visitors in public and private venues to race, duel and play other games on their feet, without headsets or gear, in front of live audience.

Unlike actual VR which is engaging but requires sharing cumbersome gear, limits motion, and isolates players, and unlike all other touch-free, motion-controlled game stations which lack precision and are only a gimmick lacking engagement, Kinetronix puts players’ likeness inside the 3D game world and gives them laser precision control of the game where they navigate and interact with each other through controlled body movements, resulting in fast-paced, competitive, sports-like gameplay that attracts onlookers and extends the impact of the station as far as it can be seen.

* Most engagements with a Kinetronix station range between 5 and 15 minutes, at times going over 60 minutes in off-peak hours (when other guests are not waiting for their turn to play); on weekends, a station is over 90% utilized with more than 100 people playing per day.

Our museum clients:


The movies TRON™ and The Matrix™ were the first to describe a computer world augmented with real people; our Inverse AR technology has made the concept come to life.

Your guests will feel the rush in their body when they see themselves chasing their opponent and they will be shaken when they crash into a wall.

The excitement attracts a crowd who watches a live duel between two players like a sporting match — so much so that you can organize tournaments.

Fast paced action combined with playing against a live opponent makes Kinetronix game experiences always fresh — even during matches that last a long time.

All our games demand dedication and reward skill.

Our games are family friendly and designed to promote physical and emotional well being while improving focus and coordination.


Speed of Light

A competitive, spectator, (retro) futuristic sport

Players are teleported into an electronic arena where they challenge each other much like the light bikes game from the epic 1980's movie TRON™. Bursting across the grid at a breakneck pace, competitors leave thunderous trails of light while making split-second manoeuvers to avoid their rivals.

(Forgive our stay-at-home recording, a video from a venue will be uploaded when we are all ready.)

Speed of Light is a set of three visually similar but gameplay-wise very different games: Race, Obstacles, and Battle (above).

In Speed of Light: RACE two players race breathlessly across race tracks of various difficulties, physically standing not far from each other but with their minds transported to the race grid across which their scanned bodies rush.

The touch-free controls are highly sensitive and precise. You can see they allow for extremely fast response times in this unedited solo racing gameplay video:

The game guides novice players to make sure they have a good experience. Click on the image to watch a video of a couple playing the game for the first time.

A separate high intensity Obstacle Course mode prepares the players for combat. It can be played by a single player or two players training independently at the same time, until they are ready for duel in the third and final game.

Simple or very difficult 3D race tracks can be developed by anyone using simple image editors like Windows Paint.


Classic Arcades

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Kinetic (Merriam Webster)
1 : of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith

Tronic (Urban Dictionary)

"Inverse Augmented Reality is taking what is real and surrounding it with what is imaginary."

Vizikord places your real live image inside the computer generated world, where you do things with your whole body — solve puzzles, dance and make kaleidoscopic images to the beat and even make music. This allows you to use the screen, which normally takes the mind away from the body, to bring the experience back into the body — but now augmented with creative super powers!”


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