System Options

Each purchase or rental includes all the games. There is no monthly minimum required for rentals.

Option 1: Zero Footprint

Slim game console securely mounted behind the TV on a floor stand or mounted on the wall

Option 2: Monolith

The console is a sturdy, locked large glass-metal unit with pulsating light

Pay options

Users can pass through the portal anytime, but in order to be scanned and put into the arena to play the games they must purchase credits first.

A payment device of choice can be placed on the Kinetronix case ("Monolith") or on a bar table under or near the TV screen with the station.

Option 1: Credit card reader

Self payment via Square Terminal: buy one credit with credit card tap, insert or swipe. Quick setup wires all payments to the venue's bank (or Square) account. Price per play and discounts are configurable. Requires internet connection.

Option 2: Coin acceptor

Accepts play coins or real money, of type and in quantity chosen by the venue. No internet connection required.

(Adding a credit by inserting coins produces the classic arcade feeling of excitement and it releases a lightning which some users describe as very satisfying)

Option 3: Custom payment systems

Contact us for details.

Option 4: Free-to-play

The system supports payless plays (e.g. for events). By simply walking up to the screen, the player generates credits that unlock the scanner.


The station is recommended to be installed indoors. It works in all lighting conditions, from fully bright to completely dark.

A 9’ deep area in front of Kinetronix is utilized by players (6’ for single-player games). Games run on a fixed or rotating schedule, or selectable via simple gestures. For maximum engagement we recommend installing two stations.

For best use of space, we recommend mounting a large TV screen (55’+). The larger the screen, the more people gather around to watch the action.

Flexible purchase/rent/profit sharing options. Call or email to schedule demo at

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