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Value Proposition

For venue and event managers who are seeking to attract guests and keep them actively engaged with on-premises entertainment, but are struggling with competing for guests' attention (and providing interactivity that is covid-safe), Kinetronix is a compact, touchless, VR-like game station for visitors in public and private venues to race, duel, dance and play arcade games on their feet, without headsets or gear, in front of live audience.

Unlike actual VR which is engaging but requires sharing cumbersome gear, limits motion, and isolates players, and unlike all other touch-free, motion-controlled game stations which lack precision and therefore lack engagement, Kinetronix puts players’ likeness inside the 3D game world and gives them laser precision control of the game where they navigate and interact with each other through controlled body movements while staying connected with everyone around them, which results in fast-paced, competitive, sports-like gameplay that attracts onlookers and extends the impact of the station as far as it can be seen.

Our museum clients:

"Our most popular exhibit"
– Adventure Science Center, Nashville

"It has overtaken the floor"
– MOXI Technology Museum, Santa Barbara

Most engagements with a Kinetronix station range between 5 and 15 minutes, going over 60 minutes in off-peak hours (when other guests are not waiting for their turn to play); on weekends, a station is over 90% utilized with more than 100 people playing per day.

The definition of the experience Kinetronix allows the venue to provide comes from Jim Kessler's article:

A 10x OOH Only Attraction and Social Experience is 100% over the top. All by itself, a 10x OOH Experience attracts thousands of people per month. It can ONLY be experienced out of the home and is dramatically different and better than anything else that can be done in our city or town.

A 10x OOH Only Attraction and Social Experience includes additional tools that help to significantly elevate each guest’s experience by creating a truly unique, highly positive, and unforgettable impression. The overall experience is so exceptional that a high percentage of our guests become obsessed with repeating the experience several times per month.

Tools are created and integrated to enable our guests to easily schedule return visits before leaving our OOH entertainment centers. These tools enable our guests to promote and bring back friends and family to play and participate in our 10x OOH Only Attraction and Social experiences frequently.

Developing a truly unique 10x OOH Only Attraction and Social Experience is all about creating a holistic environment that facilitates multiple opportunities for humans to interact with friends, family, guests, and even fans of the attraction experience and the players who play it.

The goal is to create a healthy, social, and ongoing obsession with our OOH Only Attractions and Integrated Social Experiences which doesn’t end when our guests leave our OOH entertainment centers.

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