A competitive, spectator, (retro) futuristic sport

"Players are teleported into an electronic arena where they challenge each other much like the light bikes game from the epic 1980's movie TRON. Bursting across the grid at a breakneck pace, competitors leave thunderous trails of light while making split-second manoeuvers to avoid their rivals."

-- Adventure Science Center's description of the game

Tronix consists of three games with similar game mechanics but that play very differently.

Tronix: Race

(1 or 2 players)

Reach the end of the track to beat your opponent – or the record – choosing from multiple tracks of increasing difficulty. A second player can join anytime, even mid-race.

The stations are automatically updated with new tracks as we make them.

Fast paced action combined with playing against a live opponent makes races always fresh — even during matches that last a long time.

The touch-free controls are highly sensitive and precise. You can see they allow for extremely fast response times in this unedited solo racing gameplay video:

The game guides novice players to make sure they have a good experience. Here is a couple playing the game for the first time.

Race tracks are made with a simple image editor. On our roadmap is support for your guests to upload their own race tracks to your venue.

Tronix: Training

(1 or 2 players)

Prepares players for combat through a series of challenges that train their reaction times in turning, jumping, and speeding, until they are ready for duel in the third and final game.

Tronix: Duel

(2 players)

The pinnacle of skill and maneuvering is the battle like the Light Cycles game from the TRON movie, with one major addition: a jump in real life makes the player jump in the computer world, leaving a memorable triangular trail.

The movies TRON™ and The Matrix™ were the first to describe a computer world augmented with real people; our Inverse AR technology has made the concept come to life.

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