Classic Arcades

Classic Arcades are accessible to younger children (4 and up), even though they are serious games that a skilled person can play for hours, knowing that the winner's hologram stays in the hall of fame.


(1 player)

A inverse augmented reality take on the classic bricks game that is played with the whole body got its name from two of its best powerups – “J” that lets the player jump and break bricks with their body to the deeply satisfying sound of breaking glass, and the main prize powerup “G” that turns the player into a screen-size Godzilla that smashes everything in its path.


(1 player)

Another take on a classic, this time players are teleported Tron-style into the Tetris™ world where they control falling blocks with their body.

While they are more relaxing, these games are no less serious, as they require practice to master and quick reflexes – and playing on your feet makes each victory that much more exhilarating!

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