Virtual dance floor / icebreaker

For guests:

Walk-in portal to a dance arena

Find your dance compatibility score!

For venue/event managers:

Virtual dance floor to break the ice at parties

Calculates "dance compatibility score" between guests dancing together or one after another on an endless virtual dance floor taking less than 9'x9' of real floor space, to music playing from the computer or from the DJ, so they have an excuse to start the conversation.

Players create "programs" by dancing in the computer. After picking a partner program the system calculates their dance compatibility score.

Each picked dancer program gets +1 point, and the best dancer programs live on and continue to dance with new guests inside the computer.

Discotron combines Sci-Fi, dance and music visualization to bring back interaction between people who share the same physical space.

To create a visual spectacle at your next event connect Discotron to a large screen and have your guests watch mesmerizing visuals blended with live dance in a virtual world.

If you have fast internet check out the video below with fewer compression artifacts. The screen on the actual software is pixel perfect and runs at 60fps to show the visuals in all their glory.

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