Bring in the action with real-life TRON games

Social like pool and engaging like VR but flat against the wall and touch-free

How it works: one or two people walk through the portal

inside the video game

and into the arena

which is both inside and outside.

Women tend to play slightly better than men on average

and just as ruthlessly.

For museums, bars, clubs and other venues looking for a compact out-of-home entertainment system that engages customers with each other, Kinetronix is a hands-free gaming station that uses a 3D camera mounted

on a TV to turn floor space in front of the screen into a multiplayer virtual arena.

The station accepts credit card payments, coins and custom payment methods.

"Extremely popular"
– Adventure Science Center, Nashville

"10 out of 10. Adults love it!"
– MOXI Technology Museum, Santa Barbara

Over 50,000 have played so far!

(images uploaded by players)

Alone or with an opponent, walk over to the spot on the floor to be scanned and teleported into the game.

Get ready

to race


and dance

to victory!

Are you ready for pricing?

The System

What it is

and how it works

Value proposition

who it is for and why

The Games

Kinetronix comes with six titles – five arcade games and a dance game, with new games in development. The games allow for unlimited replay and they all feature a hall of fame with a photo or a dance hologram of top ranked players.

Speed of Light

racing and duels

Classic Arcades

played in the arena


dance in the computer

All our games are family friendly and are designed to promote physical and emotional well being while improving focus and coordination.

to see

Kinetic (Merriam Webster)
1 : of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith

Tronic (Urban Dictionary)

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